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Silkbush Mountain Vineyards hails its name from the Sybasberg (Afrikaans for Silkbush Mountain), one of the highest peaks above our vineyards. Sybasberg by its turn gets its name from the Sybasboom (Silkbush) that grows in isolated corners of our mountain. The Silkbush leaves, when torn, produce silky threads of latex – hence it’s name. Just as special and unique as the Silkbush is, so are our soils, slopes, and vineyards. This unique mountain terroir manifests in our wines, beautifully!

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A fresh, unwooded style of Viognier, trying to express the cultivar characteristics. On the nose a combination of fresh floral aromas and dried peaches while on the palate flavours of melon and pear fills the mouth along with a fresh crisp acidity for a lively finish. Spent three months on lees which gives that full mouth feeling.

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