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Does Heritage Link Brands sell wine in my state? Can I buy locally instead of online? 

We sell wine in 42 U.S. states via wholesale distributors. 

For a complete listing of states where our wines can be sold, visit the U.S. Distributor List or visit here for a partial list of local retailers and restaurants. If you have a favorite shop from which you like to purchase, please have them contact our licensed distributor in your state. 


Can I buy your wines online?  Where do you ship?

Yes, our wines are available through select onlie retailers. More details here.


Individual state compliance is maintained on a per product level, so not all wines are available in all states. Any applicable state taxes will be added. In some states, we are prohibited from offering any inducements or offers. 


Regulatory matters are subject to change. All transactions are void where prohibited by law.


Are your wines available for purchase in stores? 

Yes! Please visit our Shop page for more information.


I'm not in the United States but I would still like to purchase your wines?
How can I do this? 

Please contact our online fulfillment partner


Do you have a Wine Club?

No, Heritage Link Brands does not have a wine club.


My organization is interested in having someone from Heritage Link Brands showcase wines and speak at our event/conference - how do I book a speaker and secure wines for such an occasion?

Complete our Contact Us form for further information.


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