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Heritage Link Brands has partial ownership in these vineyards: Seven Sisters and Silkbush


Seven Sisters Vineyards

The "Seven Sisters" wine brand started in 2005. The seven Brutus sisters and their baby brother who grew up in a disadvantaged community, a small fishing village called Paternoster, but left the tranquility of their sleepy town at a very early age when the family was evicted from their home. They yearned to return but were not able to do so given the unfavorable circumstances of the time. Twenty years later, the sisters reunited to create fine wines.


Silkbush Mountain Vineyards

Silkbush Mountain Vineyards is located in Breedekloof within the Breede River Valley, an official nature conservancy area in the famous Western Cape Winelands.  The Breede River Valley’s beautiful countryside is a relaxing haven. It is 341-acre which has been home to old vineyards and fruit tree orchards with superb soils and substantial undeveloped land.

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