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By Forbes

South Africa boasts a $3 billion wine industry, though black South Africans account for just 2% of the producers.

By Maggie Sans, Vice President, Walmart International Corporate Affairs

When Vivian Kleynhans was a child, apartheid law forced her and her siblings out of their small South African hometown. Twenty years later, the country’s changed political landscape opened doors for their dream of starting a business – and now, they produce wines that are welcomed by customers in not only South Africa, but on two additional continents.

by Harvard Business School

On a trip to South Africa in 2005, Selena Cuffe (MBA 2003) happened across an advertisement promoting the first Soweto Wine Festival. Cuffe, the director of an exchange-student nonprofit, didn't know a lot about wine. Yet the event sounded so intriguing, off she went, brushing aside warnings that it was dangerous for foreigners to enter the township. Along with good food, camaraderie, and jazz, she discovered some fabulous wines with an added, rare distinction: they were produced by black South African vintners.

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