Media - 2011

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Date News
12/10/2011 Maynard Institute: Black Entrepreneurs
11/17/2011 Young Upstarts: The Everyday Entrepreneur
11/15/2011 Fair Trade USA: Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide
11/08/2011 Africa Finally Gets to Tell Its Story
10/26/2011 Blog: Celebrating African Wine!
10/21/2011 Financial Times: Cleaning Up the Cape
10/20/2011 Clutch: Black-Owned Wineries Growing Trend in South Africa
10/18/2011 Fair Trade USA: Host a Fair Trade Wine Party!
10/10/2011 The Drinks Business: Black Economic Empowerment in Action at Cape Wine Europe
09/26/2011 Consumer Reports: Riesling can be a Pleasant White-Wine Surprise
09/24/2011 365 Days of Startups: Most Important Lesson Learned
09/16/2011 MSN: Grape Expectactions, sponsored by Michael Kors
09/02/2011 Mail & Guardian (South Africa): Red, White - and Black
08/26/2011 The Guardian (UK): A Fairer Cape: The Rise of South Africa's Black Winemakers
08/25/2011 Cornell University: M'hudi Wines: A Small Business with a Big Vision (case study)
08/19/2011 RollingOut: Selena Cuffe Empowers and Enriches South African Winemakers
08/16/2011 Brandmaker News: Who's Your Ultimate Business Mentor (#7)
08/09/2011 Time Out New York: A Day in Harlem: 10pm
08/08/2011 How 64 Entrepreneurs Have Taken Leaps of Faith (#7)
08/01/2011 19 Entrepreneurs Who Are Rockin' It Out! (#15 and #19)
07/24/2011 The Culinary Scoop: Black Wineries and Winemakers Around the World
06/23/2011 The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: The Best Way to Manage Customers
06/14/2011 Soapbox: Queen City Angels Host 10th Annual Entrepreneur Boot Camp
06/09/2011 Entrepreneur: Three Ways to Prepare for a Business Launch
05/23/2011, Chicago: The Wine Experience: Re-Cap Second Glass Wine Riot Chicago
05/16/2011 The Atlanta Post: 9 Companies Blacks Should Support and Boycott
05/10/2011 Biggest Tip For Effective Networking? (#6)
05/09/2011 A Wine Importer Every Business Can Learn From
05/02/2011 SpreadLuv: History in the Making!
03/22/2011 Culinary Scoop (Cuisine Noir): Cross-Country Events Cater to Millennials, Showcase Wines from Argentina to Africa
03/06/2011 DC Event Junkie: Wine in Style: Around the World in 80 Sips
03/01/2011 About Greater A Sip of Wine Connects 2 Continents and Starts a Successful Business
02/15/2011 Why Didn't I Think of That? Blog: Premiere: Heritage Link Brands
02/13/2011 South African Chamber of Commerce in America: Africa Platform - Missing Middle Summit
01/24/2011 Mind of Malaka: Wedding Bells, Wine and Yet More Wine
01/11/2011 Patch: Organic Wines for a Snowy Evening
01/07/2011 Culinary Scoop (Cuisine Noir): Black Wineries and Winemakers from Around the World
01/01/2011 Blog Africa: Will the Mandelas Save South African Wine?