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  11/28/2014 The Root: 50 Gift Ideas From 50 Black-Owned Businesses
  10/26/2014 C-SPAN: Maggie Anderson at the Women of Color Empowerment Conference
  10/12/2014 The Wine Observer: The Wines of Crush at the WHALE Benefit
  09/30/2014 Fast Company? How HLB Became the Largest Importer of Black Produced African Wine
  09/19/2014 M'hudi Wines: Making great wines, making great waves
  09/09/2014 The Supply Side: Wal-Mart continues focus on on helping women suppliers
  09/03/2014 Helping Transform SA's winemaking landscape
  08/26/2014 ABC7 Let's Talk Live: FLOFest DC
  08/25/2014 News 12 Brooklyn: DRJ Vision in Motion to Honor Nelson Mandela at West Indian American Day Carnival
  08/06/2014 Growing Opportunities for Africa - and Its People
  08/05/2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: Business Forum
  08/05/2014 Doug McMillon Speaks at U.S.-Africa Business Forum
  08/05/2014 Examiner: 57 Ways to Turn Business Adversities in Advantages
  06/30/2014 U.S. Department of Commerce: MBDA Explores Export Markets for Minority Owned Firms in Agribusiness
  05/21/2014 Harvard Business School: The Power of Business to Transform a Culture
  05/21/2014 Harvard Business School: Reinventing Perceptions of Africa Through Wine
  05/02/2014 The Telegram: What's that pong?
  04/25/2014 The Telegram: New Arrivals from South Africa
  04/11/2014 Palm Beach Illustrated: South Africa Rising: Wine and Vineyard Renaissance
  04/11/2014 AFKInsider: Q&A: House of Mandela Wines Brand Now Embodies Stronger Purpose
  04/08/2014 Ebony: Grape Funk: A Wine List You Can Groove To
  04/06/2014 Woman Around Town: House of Mandela
  04/04/2014 News One: Mandela's Granddaughter Talks His Legacy and the Family Wine Business
  04/02/2014 Kwêla: Seven Sisters on Kwêla
  02/28/2014 The Griffin Report: 2014 Women of Influence in the Food Industry
  02/13/2014 Inc. Magazine: This Column Includes a Marriage Proposal
  02/01/2014 Black Enterprise: Walmart Wants To Empower Women All Over The World
  01/27/2014 Destiny Man: New appreciation for SA black winemakers overseas
  01/24/2014 The Daily Meal: 52 Wines for 2014
  01/21/2014 Inc. Magazine: Want to Hire Smarter? Try a 'Ride Along'
  01/17/2014 Inc. Magazine: Money-Saving Advice for Starting an Import Business
  01/14/2014 Inc. Magazine: Why You Should Consider International Employees
  01/13/2014 House of Mandela Wines
  01/11/2014 The Tasting Panel: Stars of Cabernet
  01/10/2014 The Daily Sip: Pairing Wine with Nominations
  01/04/2014 Wine Spirit & Soul Network: Wine from House of Former RSA Leader a Fitting Tribute